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Client Services

We specialise in researching, identifying, approaching, courting and selecting the best candidate for the vacancy you seek to fill.

We have developed a unique recruitment process that encompasses both the more traditional recruitment methods such as Headhunting and advertising as well as utilising the latest search techniques and online resources from the social networking and interactive WEB revolution.

The key factors to our success are having in-depth industry knowledge and understanding of the markets from which the candidate might come, extensive research capabilities, a broad network of contacts and a specialist referral database. This mix of skills, resources and experience enable us to successfully deliver on our clients’ expectations, importantly resulting in satisfied and loyal clients.


Information Gathering: Defining the recruitment brief, organisation, culture and business drivers.

Database Search & Selection: Selecting appropriate candidates from our specialised candidate database, by recognising the key attributes required.

Network Search: Contacting industry contacts that we have built up relationships with over many years.  We are able to gain recommendations on suitable applicants for many different job functions, and industries.

Web Advertising: Professionally written copy for our website and industry specific job boards. Collating interested applicants and selecting those suitably experienced and qualified for the vacancy.

WEB 2.0: Interactive WEB is gaining momentum as a tool for recruitment. Affinity has invested heavily in this new search method utilising the social networking revolution.

Industry Reports: Commissioned either independently or as part of the search phase of the Head Hunt. This information can be invaluable when trying to make an informed decision relating to your recruitment strategy.

360° referencing: Through Peer, Manager and Customer Referencing we are able to obtain an accurate appraisal of a candidate’s general work ethic. Giving depth to the candidate’s application and providing client confidence

Head Hunt: The search process encompasses all other service levels as well as a more proactive approach targeting passive job seekers. Targets are identified, researched and approached. Those interested are screened, profiled and a short-listed for interview

Recruitment Time map: By mapping the recruitment process, this communication tool enables you to plan appropriately for interviewing and selection of suitable candidates. You also can identify at which point in the recruitment process we are, at any given moment.

Candidate Profiling (Psychometric Testing): Select from a comprehensive portfolio of Psychometric tests that can be included as part of your recruitment strategy. These highly effective recruitment tools can test verbal and numeric ability, personality traits, indicate personal and career motivators as well as suggest sales or managerial ability.

Specialised Vacancy Advertising (All forms of media): This Option has the advantage of a customised vacancy advertising campaign devised by your consultant.  This will include placing vacancy adverts in specialist publications/ local and national press and online advertising. Affinity Search is able to provide a complete service from the design and placement of the advert/s through to providing a suitable shortlist. We also recognise that some of our clients would prefer not to advertise using their own identity for reasons such as commercial or strategic sensitivity. In these circumstances we are able to design and implement an advert as Affinity Search, fielding the response to ensure only those best suited are then short listed.